Frequently & Asked Question

Frequently & Asked Question

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Why Your Website Must Have an FAQ Page

Make Sure it Includes These Elements

Does your website have a Frequently Asked Questions page? If so, is it working for you? If you have a website, and it does not have a well-written FAQ page, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing

FAQ pages rank in importance with your Home and Order Now pages. They’re an integral part of good navigation and product presentation for most websites, if only because visitors have come to expect one. They know they can click that FAQ button and quickly get an overview of your company’s product or service as well as answers to their more specific questions.

For many people, FAQ pages are often the first page they go to after Home. The value an FAQ page brings to your website is well worth the effort in doing one.

Search Engines Love FAQ Pages

One of the best reasons to create an FAQ page is for the search engines. Want your site to rank high on Google and Yahoo? Then you need good content and lots of it. An FAQ page is a perfect place to provide an abundance of information in an interesting way.

It also allows you a chance to use your keywords, the words that help searchers find you. Let’s say your website is promoting your flower shop located in Orlando, Florida. Your main keywords are probably something like “Florist Orlando Florida” and “Orlando Flowers.” Now all you have to do is design questions and answers that use those exact phrases. You’re sure to see a boost in your search engine rankings when you do it right.

Visitors Love FAQ Pages Too

People go to the internet for information. They really don’t want to be sold to. They want to learn. They want the facts. And that’s just what an FAQ page gives them. Use the opportunity to reiterate key selling points, features and benefits.

You can provide heaps of data in nice bite-size Q/A pieces. The material will be easy to scan and a pleasure to read. And, most importantly, it will help you stand apart from your competition.